OAC Business Registry

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Holmes County, Ohio is a great place to on a business. The local economy is driven by community-minded consumers that look first to their neighbors for goods and services. Since many of the businesses are owned and operated by more traditionally-minded Amish entrepreneurs, internet searches won’t yield many truly local results. Graphic Publications saw an opportunity where others might have simply seen a challenge. The OAC Business Registry is an annual 200 page publication that offers business-business in addition to consumer-business connectivity. View it here.

The OAC Business Registry site needed to be simple. A digital version of the magazine needed to be easy to find, and after we met with the Graphic Publications staff, we knew we had to make their passion apparent to online viewers. To do this, we included testimonials from the project leads, as well as a short video from the project manager, Carey Conn. We chose colors that matched the physical publication’s theme and message. We kept the design simple and tight to point the viewer’s focus on the product.

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